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Quick Details

Driver - ATVs There is a two driver minimum on the first booking
Driver - Dune Buggies Price is per vehicle
Driver - Prowlers Price is per vehicle
Passenger ATV Only 1 per ATV


Enjoy a day or evening ATV tour with us! Explore our haunted forests in the evening or enjoy the beautiful scenery during the day. We operate year-round, so you can have a blast driving through mud puddles in the summer or plow through snowdrifts on a winter tour! We provide you with everything you need for a safe and fun ATV tour in Collingwood.

Our tours are usually private for your group to maximize the enjoyment of your adventure. Birthday parties, capture the flag, haunted tours, and team building events are very popular and we can customize our ATV tours to fit your needs.

You can’t buy memories, but you can make them. As you drive our challenging course you’re met with obstacles to conquer around almost every corner. As your skills develop and your confidence grows, you encounter our Adventure Park. This is your opportunity to show off your new talents to your friends as we put to them to the test to win a free tour on your next visit back!

Never driven an ATV before? Not to worry, we give full training before your adventure begins. For your protection, all our trails are on private lands built, maintained, and used only by Adventure Tours. Your tour guide sets a pace comfortable to your skills with a second guide following to ensure your safety and enjoyment. We provide you with a helmet and a pair of goggles. We also offer gloves for an additional price if you would like them. We would recommend you wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and sturdy footwear.

All drivers and passengers over 18 are required to sign a waiver. Although we have no minimum age, all drivers must have the ability and strength to operate the ATV and have parental/guardian consent.

Haunted ATV Tours

In the evening, our forests become haunted. Due to our proximity to Settlers Ghost Golf and Country Club, many sightings of the legendary ghost have been witnessed by our guests. This tour is not recommended for children or those with heart conditions. This tour leaves you in the dark with only the ATV’s headlights as a source of light as you enter forests that have been known to be haunted by local residents. You may hear and see unexplainable movements to the sides of the trail, so extra care must be taken while operating the ATV. Your cooperation and ability to remain calm in sudden and possibly frequent paranormal situations is imperative on this journey.

Winter ATV Tours

If you are thinking of a snowmobile tour, we recommend one of our ATV winter tours. We are the only ATV touring facility in the area that operates in the winter months. If you’ve never driven an ATV in the winter before, it’s sooo much fun, and you would be surprised where they can go! Our trails are groomed just like the snowmobile trails for your comfort. However, we do keep some of our trails un-groomed because driving through a long snowdrift is like driving through deep mud in the summer, but without getting dirty. Our customers love the challenge of trying to make it through, but if you can’t, we can always winch you out. It’s all part of the fun! Enjoy the heated handlebar and thumb warmer to keep your hands nice and warm on this adventure you’ll never forget.